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Plant-based milks

Plant-based milks

Plant-based milks Isn’t lovely to be a vegan nowad

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie- this Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie is my go to healthy breakfast that takes just a few minutes to throw together and tastes like ice cream #smoothies #breakfast #peanutbutter

Carbs vs carbs

Remember that carbs can be found in a bunch of different foods and it is one of the building blocks of our diet. Carbs can be an amazing source of fibre and nutrients and can do wonders for our health, but we need to choose them wisely! For example, different kinds of bread can contribute to our diet in different ways. White bread is a "fast burning carb" and therefore a poor source of energy but Rye bread is a "slow burning carb" that can give us the energy and nutrients we need to live better.

How to lose weight

In the end, losing fat is not as complicated as most people think. Follow these steps and enjoy losing weight and a healthier body!

Amanda Meixner shows us that losing weight doesn’t

Amanda Meixner shows us that losing weight doesnt have to be hard

10 Foods and What Body Part They’re Good For (Info

10 Foods and What Body Part They’re Good For (Infographic) | FOOD MATTERS®

Puding Jeruk

Dessert satu ini selain menyenangkan perut, juga dapat menjaga daya tahan tubuh karena kandungan vitamin C pada jeruk. Jangan lupa konsumsi yang sehat-sehat ya!

Signs you are making progress

Have you been trying your best and giving your 100% but the numbers on the scale stayed the same? Progress with fitness is more than just numbers on a scale. There are so many more ways to measure your progress. If you are feeling any of those mentioned above, give yourself a pat on the back because you are absolutely making progress! If you feel better about your life, you've already won!

100 kcal in nuts

If your goal is to lose weight, opting for foods with lower calories can really help your journey. As you can see, almonds are much lower in calories than Brazil nuts. However, when choosing between lower calories foods remember to pick the ones with lots of nutrients. Which nut can you not say no too?

Learn about your coffee

Most of us have at least one cup of coffee per day and we all have a prefered way of drinking it. Learn about how your coffee can change in both nutrition and taste depending on what you mix it with. How do you take your coffee?

These Are The Best Low-Carb Fruits.!

Plant-based milks

Plant-based milks