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book www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT-apglzNTo – www.you

This day, new age…

With so many threats going around, there is no wonder some parents are being a bit overprotective with their kids. I for one am a ‘where you going, who you going with, why do you have to go, …

Prayers for sleep

Take a few minutes to prepare your mind, body and spirit for SLEEP with the words of God, meditate on His goodness, kindness and mercy. Unwind, relax and set your intentions towards your purpose, knowing that the Creator is in control.

Warts: the Ultimate Convenience! - Healthy Medicin

3 Prayers For Financial Breakthrough - The Gracefu

prayer for money problems

What You Should Know About Fasting in the Bible

types of fasting in the Bible infographic

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When to keep your mouth shut

5 Things You Can Do to Fight Spiritual Attacks

What do you do when you see signs of a spiritual attack? As Christians we've been giving everything we need in scripture to fight the enemy. Here are some bible verses and biblical truths to help you fight spiritual attacks. #spiritualattacks #bibleverses #spiritualgrowth

Keep Asking…..

So much truth to this!! But more then that you must believe whatever it is your praying for and have faith it's already taken care of! Strong mind,faith, and hope will see this verse full filled. If you mind isn't right and your perspectives are off then nothing will change!! :)

Start Your Day With God - The Graceful Chapter

Start Your Day With God - The Graceful Chapter