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天津@GURi (@GURIunt)

天津@GURi (@GURIunt)

天津@GURi (@GURIunt) Deltarune | Susie, Ralsei, Kris

Sira♫Polaris on Twitter

Kris and Susie Dual attack

Imagenes de Deltarune 👑💖

undertale 2.0 xdxd #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

[DELTARUNE]Kris by InsertSomthinAwesome on Deviant

[DELTARUNE]Kris by InsertSomthinAwesome

♥UNDERTALE♥ ACT - 元祖無き亀屋

♥UNDERTALE♥ ACT - 元祖無き亀屋

Picture memes HKF2M4Br6 by Kiibouma - iFunny :)

deltarune, jevil, gaster, wdgaster

+-ACT-+ by HRdrifter on DeviantArt

+-ACT-+ by HRdrifter


i rushed this but i wanted to brighten up cat grandpa’s cave


DELTARUNE The intention of this was to make people believe that this is a official poster of Deltarune, when in reality isn’t. i’m really glad with the result, what do you guys think?

Low quality deltarune

Low quality deltarune

Prison (Undertale)  - Capitulo 1: ¿Para siempre?

The prison of my heart (Undertale) - Capitulo 1: ¿Para siempre? - Wattpad

天津@GURi (@GURIunt)