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Poppies and Lotus (Flax) Blanket

Poppies and Lotus (Flax) Blanket

Poppies and Lotus (Flax) Blanket

Draped Frazadas

Draped Frazadas - Bolivian Frazadas For Every Kind Of Space - Photos

Garden Daffodil

A flurry of energy draws you into this sun dappled field as men, women, and animals plant and harvest their crop. Baskets, pots, tulips, plants and an array of organic matter fit side by side in this joyful scene.   Thoughtfully designed, crafted and knitted in the USA, each blanket is made from 80%


pink striped bed cover muima2 | by Milk Woman

These Pretty Essentials Make Washing Dishes Kind o

Dishwashing Supplies, Ceramic Soap Dish | We're serious—with these beautiful tools on hand, you might actually enjoy washing dishes every night.

Garden Daffodil


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Bring The Beauty Of Peruvian Textiles Home - Aphro

AphroChic: Bring The Beauty Of Peruvian Textiles Home

Mixed media textile

This month I am teaching a mixed media textile to the textile group I belong to. This is an idea of what we are going to do.  I started wi...

Wholesale Lot  of Bohemian Kantha Quilts Handmade

40 PC Indian Vintage Kantha Quilt LotBeautiful bedspread in a stunning Cotton Kantha Bedspread Gudari,These Quilts made with just two layers of cotton which has been quilted together with little stitches known as kanthaThese kantha quilt makes a wonderful gift for weddings, Christmas, birthdays etc100 % cottonColor: We have multiple color with wholesale lot we'll ship best premium colour guarnteed.Packaging: According to select lot Different design and color Kantha Quilt As these are vintage i

🌈 Aesthetic Videos

☝🏽 Do you like aesthetic grunge lifestyle? And how about 90s videos? 🌸 Do you wanna know how to decor your room and give it an aesthetic style? ☮️ This aesthetic videos board is for YOU ✅ If you click on the link and you buy something I'll get a percentage on the purchase (commision). 🌈 Thanks to you, you'll be funding the projects I'm working on (you can find more on my website www.mentespersonalex). Thank you so much! 🥑

Poppies and Lotus (Flax) Blanket

Poppies and Lotus (Flax) Blanket