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Account Suspended Twitter

星野 on Twitter

星野 (@rosa_sketch) / Twitter

vili on Twitter


|| ✿ RugNug 🎂🎉 - 11 days 'til 4/18 ♡ ✿ || on Twitt


@Ertheia_Lucis/LoL / Twitter


credits: genshin._.hype

Dark | Avey on Twitter

Dark | Avey on Twitter: "Kaeya! ❄… "

如愿 ♡ 戴因斯雷布 on Twitter

如愿 ♡ 戴因斯雷布 on Twitter: "what is in the fucking water in khaenri'ah and where can i get some… "

tel 💫 on Twitter

tel 💫 on Twitter: "listen i just wanted to draw kaeya in a corset #kaeya #genshinimpact… "


Hai hai 🌸🌸🌸 on Twitter

Hai-lloween✨👻🎃 on Twitter: "Art jam fanart with friends, I went with Kaeya!! ❄️❄️❄️ #GenshinImpact… "

Account Suspended