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nursery drawings

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Friggin Art Resources

hello,,,, do you have any tips for drawing hands - Friggin Art Resources

realistic drawings woman

#realistic #drawings #woman #realisticdrawingswoman

Ayudando a RinStudio => - ~2~

#wattpad #de-todo Solo por que te quiero 7^7r


••• - Imgur


Любите рисовать?

Inspiración/Referencias De dibujos

ideas temáticas paletas de colores y mucho mas para crear personajes … #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Art and Reference point

xdraws: Someone pointed out something very perceptive about how I draw.  Here’s one of my pages of studies I did a little while ago.  It was me trying to figure out the shape language of various styles.  In essence, I was going backwards, reconstructing the basic parts, and then simplifying them.

Picture memes PWiSkohQ8 by Artist_Assistance - iFu

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Anastasia Goleneva

Анастасия Голенева