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Sure 2020...why the hell not?

Sure 2020...why the hell not? - memes

RNB (Crypto Warrior) on Twitter

"Loch Ness Monster" - Twitter Search / Twitter

Your Wife My Wife SuperHero Black T-Shirt - Wonder

UK and US say Russia fired a satellite weapon in s

Found on iFunny

WSMV.COM A rare case of brain-destroying amoeba ha

Found on iFunny

Misc Sh*tposts For Curbing Boredom (44 Funny Memes

Misc Sh*tposts For Curbing Boredom (44 Funny Memes)

Alejo Valdivia on Twitter

13244741ConversaciónAlejandro [email protected] momento, los OVNIS eran para Mayo!Siempre queriendo protagonismo por adelantado los gringos.10:00 p. m. · 27 abr. 2020·Twitter for Android244 Retweets741 Me [email protected]·29minEn respuesta a @AlexValdvSeria muy chistoso que se cumplan esas predicciones xd12Ťŏny ®@tony_vet·35minEn respuesta a @AlexValdv...vamos bien en los tiempos en que aparecen los acontecimientos apocalípticos en la tierra este 2020....y

Sherry Frost 🆘 🏳️‍🌈🖤 on Twitter

Sherry Frost 🍑🆘 (@frostnhstaterep) / Twitter

Just in case 2020 isn't effed up enough already ye

Just in case 2020 isn't effed up enough already yes, that is a roadrunner in his mouth.... YOU CRAZY,SON OF A BITCH YOU DID IT – popular memes on the site

40 Hilarious baby announcements from parents who d

You’ve seen the jokes about “quarantine and chill”, and the prediction that there will be a 2020 baby boom. What else are you going to do when you’re stuck inside with your partner all day? But now that more than three months have passed, we’re seeing proof of those predictions coming true. The baby announcements are here! And a lot of parents have found creative and hilarious COVID-themed ways to share the news with friends and family.

Naturally - FunSubstance