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Amazing kitchen transformation

Amazing kitchen transformation

Amazing kitchen transformation via instagram @smas

Index installation with @farmernicknyc

There’s so much more to these shelves than meets the eye. What begins as a set of three simple shelves can turn into a dramatic, full-wall bookcase that puts the finest libraries to shame. The magic is made possible by two mounting positions on the back of each shelf: the frame can go in the outer position for solo or vertical arrangements, or the inner position to accommodate a wide, horizontal arrangement.

not my video! pin @HEAVENLYBELLA 💗

Japandi - japoński minimalizm, interior trend 2021

Czym jest tajemnicze Japandi? To słowo powstało z połączenia nazw Japonii oraz Skandynawii, będących jednocześnie synonimami dwóch stylów – minimalistycznego i skandynawskiego. Łączy je funkcjonalność, prostota form, oszczędna ornamentyka i subtelna kolorystyka. Razem tworzą wnętrze pełne harmonii i spokoju. Poznaj nowy, piękny trend aranżacyjny! / #Japandi #Minimalism #InteriorDesign Grey Black Furniture Minimalist Deko Japoński styl Inspiracje Minimalizm Aranżacje Meble minimalistyczne

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This Is The Most Popular Kitchen On Pinterest

“Building Haven’s was big because I learned how to make a commercial kitchen. Although it is a not a restaurant, we built it so that restaurant chefs could come and do supper clubs and make dinners. It needed to be this hybrid where home cooks wouldn’t feel intimidated and feel comfortable learning but also where professional cooks wouldn’t think it was crappy stuff. There is like the golden triangle or whatever it’s called. I don’t think it is called the golden triangle. It is where you have ‘x

Kitchen Organization Ideas

Kitchen cabinets drawers

Repeindre le carrelage d'une crédence de cuisine

Attention à passer le rouleau de manière régulière pour obtenir une peinture homogène sur la crédence

Nice DIY Kitchen Makeover Upcycle Ideas - 21 Ideas

Cool 21 fun DIY Kitchen Makeover Upcycling Ideas from cutlery hooks to backsplashs, with links to How to Guides for painted cabinet doors and upcycled wall art.

cabinets under sinks then drawer like here

Techniques Build Kitchen Cooking Table Traditional

Techniques Build Kitchen Cooking Table Traditional // Install Granite Kitchen Countertop - YouTube

Amazing kitchen transformation

Amazing kitchen transformation