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Gacougnol Experimental Ambient Drone Psychedelic M

Photo by @sergioluna99

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Kazuyuki Soeno - Osmylus tessellatus . These water lacewings are of the family Osmylidae , which belongs to the order Neuroptera . The species occurs in Japan . The name “Neuroptera”— from the Greek words “neuron” ( meaning 'sinew, tendon' ) and “pteron” ( meaning 'wing' )—refers to the netlike arrangement of veins and cross veins in the wings. The term comes from an old usage of the word “nervation”, meaning “strengthening by sinews” ( it did not refer to nerves, as often suggested ).

by wqkzxc


Experimental Ambient Drone Psychedelic Modern Classical Photography Art @gacougnol

Butterfly Skeleton Metal Print

Butterfly Skeleton Metal Print by Alyson Fennell Photography - LARGE

Benrubi Gallery | New York City based Art Gallery

Andreas Feininger Grasshopper Wings

Thrifty Thursday: Insect Wings on a Cheap Scanner

Dog-day cicada (Tibicen sp.) wings scanned on a regular desktop scanner. See article


All sizes | Beewings | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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leaded glass

winging it (via STILL)