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Warm and delicate, the illustrations by Iuliastrat

Warm and delicate, the illustrations by Iuliastration

Where You Need To Be - Canvas Print

Unity gift card set - 5 A6 cards, fine art illustr

Helen Keller quote art print - recycled paper

The Sun Is Still Burning Canvas Artwork by Danica

Self • Centered Kit

Now taking pre orders for the “ Self•Centered “ Kit It includes • 1 Asé tote bag • Mini Seamoss + Moringa + Turmeric soap • 3 large crystals + 1 crystal pen + 1 black tourmaline necklace • Mini Agua de Florida •Quick Juju Candles • Personal Journal •Roll perfume Ezili Freda inspired •Sage wrapper sage Price is $88 - shipping to the US is included .

Ink Flower Garden: Archive

abstract ink paintings, illustrations and art journal pages by Asja Boros. // my other tumblr for photos // shop

Inspirational quotes

Tapestry Love Space Watercolor Painting // Origina

3 Reasons to Try Guided Meditation

There are so many types of meditation that it can feel a little overwhelming whether you’re just starting a meditation practice or if you’re looking to start a new style of practice. Guided meditation is a great choice if you’re just starting out. With guided meditation, you'll experience all of the benefits of meditation, better sleep, lower blood pressure, decreased stress, increased productivity and few unexpected benefits as well.

mindfulness | Tumblr